Whipspider Rubberworks, Creators of high quality, spiked nipple shields, hand crafted heart nipple shields and spiral nipple shields
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The Screw


Welcome to Whipspider Rubberworks!

Whipspider Rubberworks is a small company consisting of three friends living in Central and Coastal Maine. Our nature and fantasy-inspired designs are the result of collaborations with our friends and each other. We look forward to working with our customers to expand and improve our product line. If you have any comments or ideas for us, please let us know!

Custom Work

In addition to the products on our website, we are also willing to consider commissioned custom work for individuals and businesses, including sculpture, silicone mold and/or cast productions. Please contact us for a quote!

Contact Information

To make general inquiries or comments about our products, please e-mail us at:


For inquiries about orders, please e-mail us at:


About our Name and Logo

Whipspiders (also known as amblypygids or tailless whip-scorpions) are a group of arachnids that are related to spiders. Their first pair of legs are used as sensory organs and are greatly elongated. They also have spiked palps that are used to capture and hold prey. They breed well in captivity and make fascinating pets.

We chose the Whipspider to represent our business because it is an unusual, beautiful, and sensual creature.

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